Refugee Walk Teaser: Zana Hanafi (Engels)

Still hesitant to join our Refugee Walk?

Our ambassadors share their expectations for this year’s edition, next to some tips & tricks to easily conquer our 40 kilometres walk.

Today, we share the story of Zana Hanafi. Zana is one of our most enthusiastic volunteers at Startpunt Team. Through her experience as a refugee herself, she is able to inform and help other people with a warm heart and a grand smile.

For Zana, the Refugee Walk is a great chance for  Belgian participants to tread in the footsteps of refugees. 'Although it’s only a small part of the experience refugees go through, it’s still a nice opportunity to reflect upon the long distances refugees have to cover in search of safety. But of course, it is also a fun way to raise money for people fleeing war.'

'My mother completely underestimated the distance'

On the day of the photo shoot, Zana didn’t really know what to expect. 'But then it turned out Abdulazez was the photographer for the shoot. He’s a really good friend, so that funny coincidence made me feel totally at ease.'

Walking 40 km, however, will perhaps be a bigger challenge. 'When I told my family about the Refugee Walk, my mother was completely underestimating the distance. My father had to put the distance in perspective. We come from Northern Syria and the 40 km is approximately the distance from the village I grew up in to the capital Aleppo. Only then did my mother understand the challenge. But hey, we're all facing the same challenge and I bet people will really push themselves for the good cause.'

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