Refugee Walk Teaser: Tim Jansen (Engels)

Still hesitant to join our Refugee Walk?

Our ambassadors share their expectations, experiences and some useful tips & tricks to get you going for the 40km walk!

Today, we share the story of Tim Jansen. Tim volunteered with our communications team to help us prepare for the Refugee Walk 2019. He will be focusing on his studies for the next few months, but we’ll have him back in August. Luckily, we can spot Tim in our flyer whenever we feel his absence. The photo shoot was a whole new world to him. ‘That’s right, I had never done anything like it, but it was great fun. The atmosphere was happy and relaxed and made for an unforgettable day.’

‘Everyone deserves a happy life'

For Tim, volunteering at the Refugee Walk is also about advocating a better policy on refugees. ‘I reckon the Refugee Walk will be a huge success again this year, offering everyone an awesome day out. The walk creates an opportunity to reflect on the plight of refugees, challenging its participants not only physically but also mentally. Refugees flee their homes for a reason. Often they faced appalling conditions, which makes it all the more important to support them. Everyone deserves a happy life. You can help make this possible by joining the Refugee Walk!’

According to Tim, well begun is half done. ‘I intend to start walking regularly in the next few months, adding an extra kilometre a week. By September, I’ll be ready to complete the 40km walk with ease.’

Are you joining us too on Sunday 29 September? Let’s unite for an educational and active day out. Together, we are stronger! For more info, please visit


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