Refugee Walk Teaser: Tareq Alloumi (Engels)

Still hesitant to join our Refugee Walk?

Our ambassadors share their expectations for this year’s edition, next to some tips & tricks to easily overcome our 40 kilometres walk.

Today, we share the story of Tareq Alloumi. Tareq is quite the familiar face here at Vluchtelingenwerk as he worked for our Startpunt Team with full enthusiasm. Although he left our office for a few months now, he is still engaged in spreading the word and loved to take part in our photo shoot for the flyer.

For Tareq, the Refugee Walk is not solely about the walk. 'It is also a great opportunity to meet with people who were forced to flee from their country. The walk helps to experience the physical effort involved, understand part of the harsh reality refugees have to go through and, of course, also to exercise ourselves with a great dose of sport.'

Last edition, Tareq participated on a volunteer basis, giving a hand in the kitchen. 'The general enthusiasm was just great. The organization was well prepared, and so everything went really smoothly. The Refugee Walk is a great opportunity to approach to the domain of 'migration' from a different perspective in a nice environment.'

'The physical activity is only the means to bring us closer to a grander insight'

The edition of 2018 was a great success. This year, however, Tareq expects even higher rates of participation. There are two main reasons why people should really spread the word. 'Firstly, awareness is not only about the acknowledgement of the reality asylum seekers go through, but also about encouraging your family, neighbour or friends to confront themselves with a topic for which they were not interested before. Secondly, I expect participants will reflect after the physical effort. The 40km are undoubtedly an achievement to be proud of, but let´s think further. The physical activity is only the means to bring us closer to a grander insight!'

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