Refugee Walk Teaser: Ivo Shimwa (Engels)

Still hesitant to join our Refugee Walk

Our ambassadors share their expectations, experiences and some useful tips & tricks to get you going for the 40km walk!

Today, we share the story of Ivo Shimwa. Ivo is a student at the RITCS and is currently making a difference as advisor of the Flemish Youth Council. He aims to ‘give a voice to young people and children in Flanders that are less heard’. Ivo was very excited to become ambassador to the Refugee Walk 2019.

All about solidarity

For Ivo, the Refugee Walk is all about the solidarity of the people in Flanders. ‘It’s amazing to see all these people walk together as one. It’s a bonding thing, uniting different people and views. And hey, being outdoors is also super healthy.’

Even so, the 40km walk shouldn’t be underestimated. ‘In the next few months, I’m going to set out for walks preparing for the trek. My golden tip is to put on a good pair of walking boots on the day itself. But wow, seeing all those smiling people cross the finish line makes up for everything.’

Stumbling or still on your feet, we’d love to see you cross that finish line on Sunday 29 September. For more info, please visit


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