Refugee Walk teaser: Abdulazez Dukhan (Engels)

Still hesitant to join our Refugee Walk?

Our ambassadors share their expectations, experiences and some useful tips & tricks to get you going for the 40km walk!

Today, we share the story of Abdulazez Dukhan. Abdulazez took the photos in our flyer. Don’t let this young photographer’s age deceive you. Abdulazez became fascinated with photography while living in a refugee camp himself. He started the photo blog Through Refugee Eyes to tell the stories of the people he met there. Today, he does amazing things with his camera, the proof’s in our flyer photos! ‘The photo shoot was an amazing experience. Everyone was totally into it and we had a great deal of fun. You can see it in the pictures, I’m sure.’

Last edition, Abdulazez brought his camera to capture the best moments. Check the link below for an inspiring aftermovie that will make you yearn even more for the Refugee Walk 2019. Is it 29 September yet?

Fun way to support the good cause

For Abdulazez, it’s fairly straightforward why as many people as possible should take part in the Refugee Walk. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the struggles of people fleeing conflict. ‘You also get to meet a lot of beautiful people. All facing the same challenge, brings us closer together. So don’t wait to sign up for the walk. Seriously, I can’t think of a more fun way to support the good cause.’

That’s right, sign up now and raise money for people fleeing conflict! For more info, please visit


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