Refugee Runners from Ghent are warming up

door Marieke

On the 28th of May, Joost, Liesa and Marlies will be joining the Refugee Runners team in Brussels. To prepare for the 20km race, they are constantly ‘on the run’ in Ghent: together or on their own, in the sun or the rain, well-rested or cranky… By joining the running team of Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen, they want to make their own contribution. And show their support for refugees, who sometimes have to cover distances of thousands of miles.

Marlies enthusiastically explains the preparation: “The start was the most challenging. My own running sessions set the bar pretty low. But the 20km is a nice motivation. Once you start jogging, it becomes addictive! Also, in Joost and Liesa I have found the perfect partners in crime. Liesa has completed some half marathons for the moment, and Joost can already run the full distance. So I try to give it my all and keep up! We also prepared our own fundraising event, the ‘Buikloop’. On the 22nd of April we served our signature desserts to our friends and family, to raise money for Vluchtelingenwerk. No sweat: the name ‘Buikloop’ is used purely figuratively.